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     The Argyll’s have significant financial obligations that must be met to ensure our program continues to flourish. Our fundraising efforts simply do not provide sufficient funding for our accommodations, training and other necessities, which are not provided by our sponsors. Therefore we must seek the good will or the financial aid of local supporters, such as yourself, where your positive example of community leadership and thoughtful donation, would well serve the intellectual and ethical advancement of our youth.

     We welcome donations of any kind, such as online or if issuing a cheque or money please make it payable to, "The Army Cadet League of Ontario", and on the memo line, "2347 Argyll Cadets". Then an official tax receipt will be issued. We also accept gifts and kind, please contact us at for more info.

Our mailing address is as follows...
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (PL) 2347 Regimental Army Cadet Corps

200 James Street North, Hamilton, Ontario, L8R2L1

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