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     While the responsibility lies on the cadet to stay informed about corps events and training activities, parents should also be keeping up to date. Cadets and parents can download the Remind app to be sent all of our announcements and reminders. When seeking more information, parents should be mindful of the Chain of Command, and address their questions to the appropriate staff member.


     With all the information we give you, we also need you to give some information to us. It is important that you communicate to us any changes in your cadet’s personal or medical information, such as address changes or allergies.


     As a parent, one of the best ways you can support your cadet is to provide them with a means of transportation to and from cadet activities. In addition, certain activities such as our Tagging Fundraiser rely on parent volunteers to assist with driving cadets to/from their designated locations throughout the Hamilton area. Without this support the event could not be as successful as it is.


     It is required for a cadet to maintain a minimum 60% attendance for mandatory activities. Mandatory activities include Wednesday training nights and FTXs. As well, these activities are necessary for a cadet to pass their level or be eligible for promotion to the next rank. We understand that school and family is important to you and your cadet, and that sometimes it will have to come before cadets. That being said, participation in cadet activities can provide your cadet with many leadership and training opportunities not taught in school. We encourage you to help your cadet balance between their school and cadet obligations.

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